Papers and Posters

As part of our advocacy work WildTalk attends and presents at conferences around the world. These are the papers and posters presented.
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    Papers and Posters

    While WildTalk offers mental health support to wildlife workers and volunteers, we also advocate for the recognition of it in a wider world view.  Often, as volunteer you're told you could give it up if it causes distress, we know it's not that simple, and we use conference presentations to explain why.
    These are some of the documents presented.
    What We Offer

    What's included here?


    Poster presentations are pictorial representations of research matters and why they're important.


    These are detailed writings of finding from research and how they fit into the wider knowledge of the topic.

    Slide shows

    The slides used for conference presentations with notes.


    Frances Carleton

    Frances is the Founder and CEO of WildTalk. Her passion for the mental health of wildlife workers and volunteers arose from her own experiences as a reptile carer and snake catcher. She has nearly a decade of counselling experience and more than 20 years teaching adults.
    She believes in wearing her best hat every day (even when she's not wearing one).
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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